Where Fun
& Adventure
Await You.

Western Playland is 25 acres of extreme family fun! Home to 30 exciting rides and attractions for families and thrill seekers alike.

Hop on the Fireball and find yourself upside down seven stories or jump aboard the swinging Yo-Yo for some old school fun! 



Name Game

Win a prize if I can’t guess your name.

Image (10)


Knock all 3 blocks off the platform with one ball to win.

Image (11)

Hoop Shot

Make a shot and win a prize of your choice.

Image (12)

Football Toss

Every ball that goes in the net wins a prize.

Image (13)


Pop a balloon and
win a prize!


Hang Time

Hang on to the bar
as long as you can.



Put the ball in the box.

Group 77 (1)

All Day Ride Bracelet starting at $29.99

General Admission can ride the Train and Sky Ride for free. General Admission is free for senior citizens 60 years and older and for children shorter than 33 inches.


Group Sales

Over 12,000 sq ft. of cool and shady space.
Unlimited rides from opening to closing.
FREE pavilion rental with Western Playland catering.

Join the Western Playland Team

Western Playland hires more than 100 seasonal employees for dozens
of positions. There is a great job waiting for you!