Join the Western Playland Team

Western Playland hires more than 100 seasonal employees for dozens of positions. There is a great job waiting for you!

Western Playland begins hiring every January, which is the perfect time to submit your application. Western Playland continues to accept applications and hires throughout the season!

The personal appearance of our staff is an important part of our overall image. To our guests, the employees are Western Playland. To maintain a family atmosphere at Western Playland, the park maintains a set of grooming guidelines.

Age Requirements:

Operations: Ages 16+ We participate in E-Verify. If hired, you will need to prove you have a legal right to work in the United States.
If you are interested, please fill out a job application.

Is working at Western Playland for You?

Thank you for your interest in working for Western Playland Amusement Park. Please read the following information so you have a clear understanding of what your overall duties and requirements would include if you are hired. Western Playland is currently hiring part- time/seasonal positions. We cannot guarantee anyone a set amount of hours and hours can vary from week to week.

Everyone we hire must:

  • Comply with our grooming, appearance, and uniform standards.

As a seasonal employee, your focus is providing our guests with a constant level of friendly, impressive services that
enhance their park experience. This includes:

  • Teamwork - working together to put a smile on the guest’s face.
  • Integrity - being honest-ethical and trustworthy - having pride in your work.
  • Efficiency - performing duties with the least waste of time and resources.
  • Safety - provide a safe, clean and secure environment for guests and employees.

Western Playland expects our employees to be guest service-oriented. This is to ensure our guests are impressed
with our professionalism so that they return to the park. Some of your tasks as a Western Playland employee are sometimes less
than glamorous and sometimes more exciting than others. As part of our crew, you will realize they all need to be done, such as:

  • Working shifts on holidays, evenings and weekends that will extend later in the evening than other
    types of jobs.
  • Standing for long periods of time, sometimes in excess of eight hours.
  • Wearing the assigned uniform properly.
  • Working outside in a variety of weather conditions.

Our employees are sincere, positive, and really care about their work and want to do it as seriously and professionally as possible. This job will provide you valuable work experience and will give you the opportunity to work and make new friends.

Grooming, Appearance and Uniform Standards

The purpose of this is to clarify the proper dress code standards for all Western Playland Amusement Park seasonal employees.

You will be required to adhere to Western Playland’s grooming and appearance standards and may be requested to make changes in your personal grooming and appearance (hairstyle, makeup and nails) in order to conform to these standards and to maintain a professional appearance.


Uniforms must be clean and neat at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure that your uniform, and your overall appearance, is in compliance with this policy. The uniform shirt will be purchased and become your property. You must wear navy uniform pants. It is not to be abused or worn except under the scope of employment.

Hair Coloring

Western Playland will not permit unnatural dyeing, bleaching, or tinting of hair. All changes in hair styles or coloring from your date of hire, must be approved by your supervisor.


Employees in uniform are required to wear plain, predominantly black or white tennis shoes. Slip resistant soles are recommended.

Cell Phones / Personal Electronic Devices

You may not use your cell phone or have it in your possession while on duty. If you are caught with your cell phone, it can be a cause for termination.


Mustaches are permitted if they are maintained in a neatly trimmed manner and do not extend below the corners of the mouth. No beards or goatees are permitted. Girls must have their hair pulled back at all times. Guys cannot have their hair longer than 2in all the way around.


Nail care for men – must be clean and well groomed. No polish is permitted. Nail length should be short, never extending past fingertip. Nail care for women – Fingernail tips should not extend one half inch beyond the fingertip.


No visual body piercing is allowed while on duty. Piercings must be removed until employee is off duty and out of uniform. Girls may wear one stud earring per ear. Guys are not allowed to wear earrings. Clear, plastic retainers are not permitted. Band-Aids used to cover piercings are not acceptable.

Western Playland reserves the right to council all employees on what is and what is not acceptable in regards to grooming and appearance. Those employees who are not in compliance with our grooming and appearance standards may face disciplinary action up to, and including termination.